Humiston Wellness

We are in Brooklyn

As of April 1st, 2019 we are at our New York address.

Our phones and emails remain the same:

Rolfing ® Structural Integration

Karl E. Humiston was fully trained in 1971 by Ida Rolf, PhD. He has an undergraduate degree from Stanford and an M.D. from Harvard. He practiced psychiatry and founded several holistic health centers. Retired now from medical practice, he still does Rolfing, working with his hands to restore people’s bodies to their original design, as they were created to be. For those Rolfing clients who may need help with addictions or other difficulties in functioning, his holistic approach is most helpful. Read more

Color Analysis

The basics of the color theory are presented and we discuss how to use it to enhance your life. Some things we may discuss are: What in the difference between feminine and masculine color? How can a color energize one person yet subdue another? What colors are especially becoming on you and why? What about texture and line … how do they relate to color? How does this relate to your personality? Read more

Feldenkrais Method ®

Learn how, with your conscious brain, you can instruct your brain to permit your body (and hence itself) to function at level much closer to its full human potential! Read more

About Us

Karl and Bonnie Humiston have worked together professionally since they married 40 years ago. When they met in 1971 in the Oregon state mental hospital, Bonnie was director of nursing and Karl was a visiting consulting psychiatrist. Each already was devoted to searching for whatever would truly help their patients, what might be better than the prevailing mix of psychology and medications. Read more