Humiston Wellness

Color Analysis


Nature is the source of all color and it is here we see great mastery of the use of color that guides us into new awareness of ourselves. Through the climatic classifications, we find the harmonious combinations, the divisions of color.


Each of us reflects a harmony of color, totally unique and individual. People find pleasure and a personal sense of security in coming to understand their own pigmentation and the colors that relate most perfectly to it. Identifying these vibrations and bringing the harmony to your attention will:


In this session your coloration and pigmentation are identified; first your skin tone is established, then the color of your hair and eyes is analyzed; with these values identified, a harmony of colors totally unique to you is designated, creating a palette of color you will have for a lifetime. If you are interested in this service, please contact Bonnie for a private consultation.


The basics of the color theory are presented and we discuss how to use it to enhance your life. Some things we may discuss are: What in the difference between feminine and masculine color? How can a color energize one person yet subdue another? What colors are especially becoming on you and why? What about texture and line … how do they relate to color? How does this relate to your personality? If you are interested in this Seminar, contact Bonnie.