Humiston Wellness

Rolfing ® Structural Integration

Karl E. Humiston was fully trained in 1971 by Ida Rolf, PhD. He has an undergraduate degree from Stanford and an M.D. from Harvard. He practiced psychiatry and founded several holistic health centers. Retired now from medical practice, he still does Rolfing, working with his hands to restore people’s bodies to their original design, as they were created to be. For those Rolfing clients who may need help with addictions or other difficulties in functioning, his holistic approach is most helpful.

Rolfing®, which was named after Ida P. Rolf, PhD, is a specialized method of hands-on physical manipulation that straightens posture, improves movement range, relieves tense muscles, and increases general vitality by progressively stretching the myofascia (soft tissue), that surrounds the muscles throughout the body. The improvements are essentially quite permanent, as Rolfing® is focused toward the “blueprint of perfection” which is already within everyone’s body, and not towards fixing or relieving symptoms or disease.