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Update: Bonnie is retired from active clinical practice, effective February 2021.

Feldenkrais Method® Sessions

Infinite Possibilities

“…make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.” — Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc.

People lying relaxed on mats on a floor An awareness through movement class.

Improve your life and overall wellness with the innovative Feldenkrais Method. Through both group and individual sessions, Bonnie helps you learn how your conscious brain can instruct and permit your body to function at a level much closer to its full human potential.

By seeking the guidance of a Feldenkrais® practitioner, you have taken a step closer to the connection between mind and body. The unconscious everyday movements of our lives are often taken for granted. By implementing Feldenkrais exercises in your life, you can deepen the awareness of not only your body but also your surroundings. In learning to marry your body to your mind, you will begin to move more freely and confidently within your environment. For some, everyday obstacles such as stairs or uneven surfaces can become less stressful, and simple movements may become less painful and uncomfortable.

We can sometimes become frustrated by what we think we cannot do. Gain confidence by attending our awareness through movement classes and improve the harmony between body and soul. Find new freedom with Feldenkrais exercises that ease pain and stiffness and increase the flow of communication from your mind to your body and back again. The more we use the body we have, the longer it will allow us to maintain independence as we age. As you work with a Feldenkrais practitioner, they will mediate the dialogue between your body and your mind so you can experience the freedom gentle guided exercise can bring.

Awareness Through Movement® Classes and Individual Sessions

Experience verbally guided sequences of gentle movements intended to develop a greater awareness of how you organize your movements that will help you:

Functional Integration® Sessions

Bonnie guiding a student's movements during a session

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education uses gentle, attentive movements to bring your mind and body to a whole new level of awareness, changing habitual ways of doing things. Each Functional Integration lesson is designed to meet your personal needs. Communication through gentle touch and movement in addition to words, the teacher guides you in your one-on-one process of self-discovery.